A view of Network Operation Center (NOC) from inside

Mobilink turned into Jazz recently, and it happened after Mobilink Warid merger earlier in 2017 when the cellular company obtained legal approval from Islamabad High Court. Not only has it widened the network which is now catering to more than 51 million customers all over Pakistan but also the network complexity has also increased. As a part of their policy to go digital, which the CEO Aamir Ibrahim loudly expresses, they have upgraded their Network Operation Center (NOC) which gives a more detailed reporting on various operations going on the network.

Jazz is currently operating on more than 11000 cell sites which when added with 5600 cell sites Warid brought, makes the total to nearly 17000 BTS. The network team we came across recently in Lahore told us that their new digital display creates tons of data that they translate and analyze every minute. It was more like an environment we have already seen at various facilities of Lahore police where they are monitoring the entire city on mega screens for controlling the crime; however, Jazz’s one is more focused on their network. The NOC team call themselves the doctors who are constantly checking the pulse of the entire network 24/7/365 with a team of 80 people who are basically engineers.

Jazz call drop rates
This is one of the many dashboards that tells the call drop rates. Currently it shows 0.3% for 3G and 0.2% for 2G which according to Jazz is under control

We were told that no other cellular operator in Pakistan had upgraded the NOC this way and the closest rival was Telenor Pakistan which was still behind as they only had digitized the infrastructure part, whereas, the Jazz NOC had brought everything under Umbrella Fault Management system. That means one can easily see on the screen, other than telecom activities, consumer-centric functions related to billing, revenue insurance, faults, MNP, storages, biometric and many others. The team tries to ensure that every customer activity is executed well within the defined time and if there is a downtime or an error, the issue is properly highlighted and addressed before its gets out of hands.

Earlier, the Jazz NOC was relying on IBM solutions, but its newer upgrade has been possible with the help of DELL EMS as its additional partners.

Cell Sites trend Jazz NOC
The screenshot shows the network of cell sites in 6 major cities. Green shows the site is healthy whereas, yellow color tells they are underperforming due to some reason.

“We have moved towards a customer-centric approach from the network-centric approach, and this is only possible by translating field data more appropriately so others could act timely for better customer experience,” Hassan Ali, Head of NOC said at the launch ceremony of the center.

Hassan further told that errors emerge every second and there is no way to stop them on any telecom network. However, a good and responsive system always keep them under control for a good customer experience.


  1. Digital my Foot. Jazz is only company among all without ecare mobile application for users. Even Warid had before its death.


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