Jazz Customer Obsessed Day

No company can stand in a market for a single day without the support of their customers and Jazz, one of the largest telecom company in Pakistan realizing this reality is celebrating customer obsession day today.

Whether an employee belongs to HR department, sales or finance, he/she is out on the street trying to interact with their audience to try to get a real feedback from their users. Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz while talking about customer obsession on Facebook Live relayed that any business exists because of its unique product and service which it takes to its customers¬†and if the customers aren’t happy with it, then there is no reason for the business to exist.

Jazz has more than 5 crore users, meaning 1 out of every four people is their customer so today the telecom giant in a bid to learn more about their customers, what they think about the company, their services etc. send out its team to interact with the masses to learn more about what they hold dear.

The company representatives though were present in limited cities but the technology enabled them to listen to the complaints of people present all over Pakistan. We saw three interactive Facebook Live sessions, one with the company’s CEO, other with the expert panel and lastly Jazz’s CCO Asif Aziz joined us to answer the burning questions of their users.

While many may scoff that holding a session on social media is not a new thing but for the upper management of any company to sit down and explain their company’s inclusive vision to the common man and hear his problems and answer his queries is definitely not an everyday spectacle.

Aamir Ibrahim has always carried a digital vision when it comes to Jazz and he made it clear again today that their company is now becoming a technology company which has a proud telecom past. This new approach is visible through Jazz’ds many initiatives like M-learning, Jazz xlr8 program etc.

At Mobile world Congress earlier this year, Jazz also received¬†GLOMO award for empowering the women in Pakistan, which is a huge achievement for a telco. Today’s effort highlights the company’s new approach to helping the people by actually listening to them and realizing what they are expecting from the organization rather than blindly bombarding them with services they don’t require.


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