This Jazz Franchise gives Terrible Customer Experience (Video)

Jazz Franchise

The year 2017 has brought many changes in the telecom industry. We have witnessed Jazz emerge as the country’s largest telecom operator followed by the unveiling of their digital headquarters in Islamabad.

While everything seems beautiful on the surface, the reality is far from this perceived truth. Let us present a not-so digital franchise of Jazz in one of the posh localities of Lahore, DHA.

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Unlike the company’s luxurious and exuberant digital office in Lahore, the Jazz franchise seems more like an abandoned building. It has been 1-2 months since the renovations of the building stopped and now the whole place looks like a set of a haunted house.

Jazz franchise inside

Jazz franchise building

People have to stand on a box to reach the representative of Jazz franchise, which is altogether not safe. Customers standing in line expressed their concerns to MORE, saying that they find standing on an unstable box highly dangerous as anyone can break their bones from falling off the crate.

Jazz reception
Customer standing on an unstable box

The employees working at the franchise are frustrated in their current working conditions where they have to spend their job hours drenched in sweat.

Looking the faces of the employees, it was evident that they cannot do their jobs effectively because of poor working conditions. How can we expect them to satisfactorily help the customers when they are exasperated?

Jazz Customer window

Jazz has reaffirmed their commitment to its customers with their Customer Obsessed campaign where the top executives of the company, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz and Asif Aziz, CCO of the same company conducted a Facebook live session to interact with the people.

We hope that the company soon resolves this issue and focus on the problems that the customers are facing on the ground level.

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