Jazz VEON App

What if one single app could give you everything you want to do on your mobile phone? This VEON App apparently promises you a better experience than what you get on WhatsApp, Viber or any other communication app for making free calls, chats and exchanging videos.

A top official of the Amsterdam based telecom giant VEON suggests that with this app you can do possibly every kind of communication for free.

Sounds like a dream? But it is well in the plans of Jazz as well that is banking heavily on this new initiative of the group.

VEON App is a messenger which the parent company of Jazz (VEON, earlier VimpelCom) has introduced officially in four markets including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Pakistan after experimenting it in Italy.

An insider at Jazz hints that the messenger aims to take on other famous communications apps of likes WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. which are drastically eating the Voice, Video and SMS revenue of telecom operators.

“It could turn the tables, and we can start getting back the attention of our customers,” official hoped.

What you can do with VEON App

  • Call, Texts, pictures and video sharing in private or in groups without using the data
  • Customized media content in shape of news, articles, and Videos that Jazz can throw on your screens after analyzing your likings and patterns through its analytics
  • It is free for the core functionality
  • Customers can link their mobile accounts with the app and have a check on their remaining credit and top up from here as well.
  • They can avail a 10% discount on bundles and packages if they integrate their debit or credit card with the app.

VEON has 235 million customers in 13 markets including the Pakistan, and such a service is first of its kind that can give you an option to communicate freely.

For Jazz customers in Pakistan, which are already in great numbers,  it’s the biggest news ever after their merger with Warid and the annoucement of going digital. However, it is equally alarming for other networks who may feel insecure without such service under their belt. It’s very premature to forecast at this moment that Jazz would be able to attract customers of other networks.

The app is currently available on Google Play, and a version for iPhone users is on its way. However, it is yet in the test phase, and only Jazz employees and friends are using it. An official of the Jazz mentioned that although the platform has been rolled out globally, however, it is being customized for Pakistani market before Jazz launches it officially in next 8 weeks.


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