Jo Chaho
Haier and Ruba CEO Mr. Javed Afridi

The recently established online mega store Jo Chaho (URL: jochaho<dot>pk) has made massive progress with a significant sales record of Rs 300 million in a single day, CEO Haier, Javed Afridi confirmed.

The business portal runs under the leadership of Haier and Ruba CEO Mr. Javed Afridi, who is also the owner of the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) franchise Peshawar Zalmi.

It’s a huge amount for a company in Pakistan to cater to this number of consumers in a single day, particularly, when the selling portal is very new. Contrary to BtoC sales, Jo Chaho management revealed that it was a BtoB selling activity to a corporate client which included electronics items including air conditioners, fridges, etc.

“We have entered into an agreement with RCD, which is our corporate client. The value of goods is just over Rs. 300 million and include the electronics items only”, Afridi clarified.

Jo Chaho RCD agreement
Javed Afridi, CEO Haier exchanging document with Yusuf Siddiqui Head of RCD

The success of Jo Chaho has rekindled hopes for businesses in the country; the portal is a perfect collaboration of technology and the present day business needs.

It provides a fantastic opportunity for new business graduates who are keen to explore new possibilities and expand the reach of their ventures. There’s absolutely no reason why this model can’t have a far-reaching impact both inside and outside the country.

Talking about the astounding success of the portal on the very first day, Afridi optimistically spoke of the future.

“The success of Jo Chaho is something that makes us proud and gives us satisfaction at the same time. We have presented a business model that can have a significant impact on the way businesses are carried out in the country.”

The company is working closely with renowned and established software houses to ensure best supply chain and services for its valued consumers.

Afridi also stated that company was is planning to take the initiative across the country even in a place like Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) with an aim of ensuring their inclusion in a progressive Pakistan.

Jo Chaho website screenshot
A screenshot of Jo Chaho website

Jo Chaho feels that it can create a softer image of the country through this initiative and hopes to get maximum leverage for the people of the area through successful implementation of the plan. The eCommerce industry in Pakistan is already growing very fast, and a lot of new brands are being introduced on a daily basis.

The analysts think that this industry will become one of the strongest sectors in the country very soon.

Recently, Irfan Wahab Khan, Deputy CEO of Telenor Pakistan, said that in the next five years, eCommerce in Pakistan will be a $10 billion industry.

Jo Chaho is offering discounts

With the tagline “The Mall that has it All,” this online store is offering different kinds of discounts on the available products. The store deals in Mobile Phones, Tabs, Television sets, Home Appliances, Gas Appliance, Clothes, Healthcare items, Books, Automotives, and a lot more stuff.


  1. It could be a easy task you just need to cut your price to crazy point and reseller can help to make numners in a day.

  2. Good way to produce Fake Hipe. We are marketers for 3 major online stores even they can not claim this much sales figures. Kuch Ziyada ho giya 🙂

  3. fake. as most people even dont know about this site.
    lets alone sale is 2nd point.
    its part of seo technique that we all atleast saw the website 🙂 due to huge false claim 🙂

  4. haha Fake news, because please check the Alexa rank. no.of visitors not crossed over 0.o1 m. then how is it possible .pagal bna rahy hain negtive stunt of marketing

  5. I totally disagree with this media stunt news. I have been working in ecommerce industry in Pakistan for about 4 years and I know that how much our audience is mature in online purchasing. Either its b2b or b2c, it not easy to convince our public to buy online with the confidence. I brought the Ist live chat integration in thePakistani ecommerce industry 4 years before and it took a year effort to generate awareness that people can chat online with a sales representative. At the moment, the maximum sales an ecommerce website can hit is around 25 lakh a day and it depends on your brand age. I respect Mr Afridi but this is not a fact. yes there is a possibility of claiming this big amount is that their relatives, friends, business partners and employees have bought each and everything online from there store, but that is not called a sale in the professional world.
    Now we talk about “jochaho”. 1 simple thing, their product line is not so strong and this website structure is not so supportive to hit 300m. They need to hire some experts.

    • With Personal 9 years experience in SEO and marketing field. I totally agree with Mian Saad Bin Saeed. As 300,0000 sales for such products line in “jo chaho” not possible. If he said that it made first day 200 products sold on 1st day that even not possible. Who is buying?

      • Lol! yours and Saad bin Saeeds comments sound as if you guys are putting up a case for Jo Chaho to reach out to you for consultation / employments.

        While this article is just a publicity stunt, clearly it reads that this is a single B2B transaction. So gentlemen with years of experience it was not traffic that was converted on the website 🙂

        My advise to Jo Chaho, steer clear from these attention seeking stunts and steer further clear of these men seeking jobs

        • LOL. Reality is i am not interested in offering my consultations to this website as by the Grace of ALLAH I am working with one among the biggest companies in Pakistan. I was sharing my expertise because such news cause a disturbance in the market even not real.
          I haven’t talked about any technicality or something like traffic. I have mentioned that such so called B2B transactions are not considered as sales.

  6. Whatever fake or real but social media is wonderful plant form for entrepreneurs to excel in their business but unfortunately In Pakistan there are forgers in online business who sale fake low quality products at high prices by distorting people with alluring pictures. I am Shopaholic and for last three yrs I frequently purchase products from online stores and had experienced so many frauds. With hobo em jayees and more …my advice would never buy any electronic from online store and moreover our buyers should be sincere to their business and stop forging

    • social media is very powerful but if you use it in pakistan for generating business. there is limit. Limit in price and product above that you can’t sale anything on social media. yes Social media can be more powerfull for business in 5 to 10 years

  7. Only way it is possible that they made their B2B clients to place the otherwise multi million value regular orders through their new portal and recorded all the transactions in a single day

  8. How it is possible that country’s largest ecommerce site is doing such business after such a long period and you do it in just one day soon after you start. You are either reporting wrong or there is something you are not clearly telling Mr. Afridi

  9. Its big Achievement if Javed Archived 300MM its too big amount for two year back portals, there are many such a Pakistani portals exist like daraz. they did not achieve yet a big huge amount; might be ” Goll Maal ha Sub Goll Maal ha “

  10. B.s. cant believe it. Its just ” fake it till u make it” sales strategy to attract market. How is it to believe a 300 mn a day. Javed bhai… domrah hum daroagh mah yaya kam azkum pah roazay kay.


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