Johnny & Jugnu Sealed In Lahore Is Causing Chaos

An extremely disturbing news has surfaced the internet just recently – Lahore’s dearest burger hub in DHA has been sealed. 

Johnny & Jugnu is a local burger eatery that is known for offering 6 different kinds of sauces in its burgers. The burgers they offer you include a chicken fillet and shami burger, the zinger burger, and their all time famous tortilla wraps. It started gaining fame instantly when it opened up in DHA, Lahore as a takeaway. People in Lahore, and from out of city alike, are crazily addicted to their burgers and secret recipes. 

However, it is extremely sad as I state that Johnny & Jugnu gave a customer an “unwanted add-on” – a lizard fried in its chicken fillet. The news started getting viral as someone posted on Foodies R Us:

Eventually, the news got around social media and someone must have reported to the police as the DHA branch is now sealed, as we can see from the following photo submitted to online platforms:

Johnny Jungnu DHA
Johnny Jungnu DHA

Everyone almost instantly started circulating the news on WhatsApp and Messenger as well…We guess Johnny & Jugnu must be having a great hit in their reputation right about now. 

Johnny & Jugnu Sealed Letter

Its quite saddening for most lovers of JJ, including me, because never in our worst nightmares did we expect them to be serving us such unhygienic food! Johnny & Jugnu is a go-to place for all burger lovers, and most university students.

Although Punjab Food Authority has not confirmed the news as of now, we are waiting to hear whether or not the story is true. 

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