Jovago becomes largest online hotel booking site, listing more than 2000 hotels

With the availability of a vast number of online hotel booking services, people have also started taking a keen interest in booking the hotel with just a click. In Pakistan, online booking hotel services started gaining popularity after the availability of 3G and the next generation LTE services. People now prefer booking hotels by visiting online hotel booking websites from their smartphones.

While there are many online booking websites in Pakistan, they do not list many hotels in their database, but Jovago has some 2147 hotels listed from all over Pakistan that can be booked from anywhere in the world using the Jovago mobile app and website.

These 2147 hotels are ranked from 1 star to 5 stars according to the reviews and votes given by tourist upon their stay. Among them 800 hotels are classified as 1 star, 32 hotels are two stars, 199 hotels are three stars, 35 hotels are four stars, and ten hotels are five stars, Whereas, some fall under the category of 1.5 stars, 2.5 stars, and 3.5 stars

Jovago has been working with the hotel industry to strengthen tourism by offering the economical rates and packages without compromising on quality and services.

The website believes that success of any country is highly dependent on its tourism sector hence bringing a wide variety of hotels will promote the goodwill of the country.

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