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Things are getting easier and secure in the financial sector of Pakistan. JCash is another mobile wallet that can let you send remittance with much ease now. JS Bank’s branchless banking arm has introduced this home remittance mobile account well in line with the National Strategy of Financial Inclusion.

The bank says, it only requires to either use JS Wallet Mobile Application or visit any JCash Agent across Pakistan simply by providing their biometric verification and remitter(sender) details, there is no document required.

An official statement confirms that JCash is the only bank, as of now, to offer biometric verification to Open Level-1 Mobile Account via JS Wallet Mobile Application.

How can customers receive money?

  1. Customers need not visit any branch or agent and they can receive funds directly into their accounts.
  2. Once an account is successfully opened, customers can receive funds via international remittance directly into their Home Remittance Account on a real-time basis.
  3. Upon successful receiving of funds, customers will get a confirmation SMS.
  4. Step four is a bit of manual until they bring an ATM card, which is well in the plan. However, for now, Home Remittance Mobile Account holders can visit any J-Cash agent for cash out of funds, anytime. Customers can either get cash from any agent or they can transfer this money to any conventional bank account and withdraw money through ATM.

The bank says, its Home Remittance Account is a step forward towards enhancing the scope of branchless banking/mobile financial services.

Apart from receiving funds customers will also enjoy;

  • Free Airtime for Rs. 100 (for transactions of USD 100 or more)
  • No more queues or documentation required for account opening
  • Facility to withdraw cash from any J-Cash Agents nationwide  Transfer funds to any bank account from J-Cash Home Remittance Account
  • Bill Payment
  • No initial deposit or service charges to open the account
  • Maximum Balance Limit of PKR 1.5 million
  • Cash Withdrawal Limit of PKR 50,000 per day and PKR 500,000 per month

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