K-Electric’s Ujala project introduces ABC cables to control electricity theft

K-Electric Ujala project
K-Electric team while installing Aerial Bundle Cable.

K-Electric is converting the cables on loss-incurring PMTs to Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC). The new cables have helped in reducing losses and vastly improving the reliability of power supply in many areas.

Under its flagship Ujala project, K-Electric is continuously investing in improving its transmission & distribution network across the city.

K-Electric recently converted cables on an entire feeder serving Sharifabad, one of the neighborhoods of Liaquatabad Town in Karachi, to Aerial Bundled Cables. The fault ratio (the number of tripping and outages) has significantly declined due to the ABC installation. Post completion of ABC work, all 13 PMTs served by the feeder are now low loss, i.e. load-shed free.

What is Ujala project all about?

K-Electric launched its flagship community development project ‘Ujala’ earlier this year, with an estimated investment of PKR 5 billion to empower the lives of over 1 million people residing in 200 communities across its network. The utility has pledged to help improve the reliability of power of these communities while boosting socio-economic activities through sustainable development initiatives.

Other benefits of Ujala Project

Through Ujala project, K-Electric also load engages with different communities via health and educational camps whereas a one-stop window is provided via Mobile IBCs (IBC on Wheels) and Community camps, in which new meters are provided on-the-spot along with billing and complaint resolution.

The utility has so far transformed different communities through the installation of ABC, new transformers, and low-cost connections. Many Communities in Karachi which were previously infested with illegal connections and a high fault-ratio are now load-shed free. To date, The total almost 200,000 people have benefitted from Ujala project through the conversion of around 1,200 PMTs.

Just recently, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) also announced to control load-shedding and electricity theft by introducing a technology called Net Metering.

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