This Karachi based startup is building portable houses

ModulusTech, a Karachi based startup has started building portable houses, yes, a house which you can pack and take wherever you want.

Obviously, the house in consideration is not what we are used to, a single or double story concrete structure with a garage and lawn, but it’s a single-room housing unit that one can assemble in nearly three hours.

If you want a house like that, place your order with ModulusTech telling them your exact requirements. When the unit gets ready, and you approve the design, their team will install it on the location you prescribe. They also manage all the fitting, roofing and plumbing. The cost of standard 256 square feet unit is around Rs. 3 Lacs.

ModulusTech has been started by Nabeel Siddiqui, Yaseen Khalid, and Muhammad Saqib who are civil engineers by profession. They had started the journey with the aim to build affordable houses, so every person in Pakistan could own a home.

Currently, there is a shortage of almost nine million houses in the country, while PM Imran Khan has vowed to build homes for the poor, we don’t think it a bad idea to provide people with these types of houses.

“We want to cover that segment mainly, but our portable houses can be used in many other settings. Like, if you want a separate study room, a servant quarter, or even tourist cabins,” says Siddiqui, the CEO of the company.

portable houses
ModulusTech Team building Portable House (It takes 3 hours to assemble one house)

It is worth noting that movable houses are traditionally some containers, which are not only expensive but require some resources to move from place to place. The ModulusTech design is supreme in this regard and needs an ordinary truck to move house.

“There is a demand for affordable housing worldwide and we want to capture that. We are in talks with local and international NGOs to explore opportunities,” says Siddiqui.

Some international players are offering the similar kind of portable houses, but only IKEA is the brand which beats them price wise.

ModulusTech has been pitching at numerous platforms worldwide and has gained appreciation from the United Nations and other international organizations while gathering some $40,000 in funded money.

The startups like ModulusTech need support from the government as well. A few days back, IT minister, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui also said that they are keen to provide necessary facilities to startups in the country and ready to devise a strategy taking on board the incubators in Pakistan. It remains to be seen that how the government channelizes the young talent.

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