iPhone launch event

September is a very special month for Apple’s fans when they receive an ever-mysterious invite. Media, bloggers, and fans move to the San Francisco to welcome a new iPhone. Today, September 7 was the same special day when the Apple is about to unveil a new iPhone.

There’s been no shortage of rumors about iPhone 7, from the color scheme – to the removal of the headphone jack, enhanced storage, and many others. We have already covered those rumors here. These rumors have largely proven accurate and offer lots of information about the new phone.

Now, since the news has officially been broken out; here is the summary of what’s coming in the new phone.

  • 140bn apps have been downloaded from the iOS App Store.
  • There are 17 million Apple Music subscribers compared to 39 million for Spotify.
  • Super Mario is coming iOS. You can play Super Mario Run with one hand with a new battle mode with a range of customization options.
  • Apple is donating 50,000 iPads to students as part of the education campaign
  • iWork no offers real-time collaboration on Mac, iPad, iPhone, and the web.
  • Apple Watch is the No 1 smart watch-selling brand, whereas the company is 2nd in the watch sellers.
  • PokemonGO is coming to the Apple Watch
  • Walks are recorded as workouts using PokemonGo for Apple Watch.
  • Apple Watch2 swim-proof; wear while swimming.
  • Watch2 is backed by new dual core processor, offers 50% faster processing.
  • Apple and Nike have joined hands for a special edition watch series.
  • Apple Watch Series 2 starting at $369. Series 1 starting at $269.
  • Apple officially unveils new iPhone, declares it as “The best iPhone we’ve ever made.”

  • Taptic Engine API in iPhone7. Also water and dust resistant. iP67 protection standard
  • All-new 12MP camera on the iPhone 7 and 2 cameras in the iPhone7 Plus

  • iPhone 7 will be shipped  in 5 colors: Black, Jet-Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose-Gold
  • New iPhone has stereo speakers that are 2x louder as compared to iPhone 6
  • As we predicted earlier, there is no headphone jack on iPhone 7. Apple announced that it’s including Lightning EarPods  there’s no headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Dead silence. No applause.
  • Yes, there will be a Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone dongle with each iPhone 7.

  • AirPods will offer up to 5 hours of listening; charge in case. Apple to ship Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones since there is no headphone jack on the new iPhone.
  • We have a new generation chip in the iPhone 7 — the A10 fusion. It is 40 percent faster than the A9, and two times faster than A8.
  • The A10 Fusion is a 64-bit quad-core processor with 3.3 billion transistors, and two of the cores are high-efficiency for running low-power apps.
  • New iPhone has a four-core CPU: two high-performance CPU cores (each 40% faster than the A9), and two high-efficiency cores that run at 1/5th the power to give you additional battery time.
  • With a stronger processor, you can expect to get about 2 hours more of battery life than on your 6S.
  • iPhone 6S+ is sticking around, but they’re doubling the storage of those sold from here on out up to 32GB and 128GB.
  • Preorders for the iPhone 7 and 7+ start September 9th, and the shipping will start from  September 16th. Apple will start from 28 countries, with 30 more countries one week later.

  • iPhone 7+ will start at $769 and the pre-orders will start from Sept 9.
  • Apple has promised that the iPhone7 will have longest battery life ever in any iPhone.
  • iPhone 7 has double storage capacity, whereas ‘Jet Black’ is available only in 128GB and 256GB.
  • The upgrade program will start at $32/month.


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