KFC and foodpanda brings 2 Good Deal for just Rs. 499

FoodPanda and KFC

Think Karachi Eat or a 55 Rupee burger was a good start to 2017? Then it’s time for you to pump up your food diaries with foodpanda because the #2Good is yet to come!

Right near the end of the month when all broken foodies were looking for some easy-on-pocket deals, foodpanda has brought KFC’s 2 Good Deal for just Rs. 499 instead of Rs. 795. Yes, you read it right – 2 Zinger Burgers, 2 Chicken Pieces, 1 Fries and 2 Drinks from KFC for just Rs. 499. But behold, foodies! The offer is from 27th to 29th January only, that also with a limited number of deals available.

Celebrities, food groups, bloggers, and customers – all are drooling over the crunchy zinger burgers and crispy fried chicken pieces that are simply #2GoodFor499! Some wish to share it with their BFFs while others are daydreaming to gobble down every single bite of it all by themselves. And few are even planning to hoard it (because their favorite KFC rarely comes at such an unbelievable price).

Nevertheless, to make sure you enjoy the finger lickin’ good taste of this limited time offer before it runs out of stock, here’s the ultimate guide for you:

  1. Download the foodpanda App or bookmark their website.
  2. Mark your calendar for Friday, 27th January 2017.
  3. Set an alarm for 12 noon.
  4. Don’t tell anyone else about it. Just. Don’t.
  5. Order the #2Good Deal as soon as the clock strikes 12 on Friday.
  6. Enjoy the finger lickin’ good taste!

Bonus Tip: Order the most number of 2 Good Deals between 27th to 29th January using the promo code ‘#2GoodFor499’ while placing your order and win a brand new HTC phone, guaranteed!

So, be all armed up to savor KFC’s #2GoodFor499 this weekend before it runs out of stock and try your luck for a new phone too.

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