Kiddle search engine blocks “bad words” and racy images

Google Kiddle

Kiddle is a new kind of search engine, that filters and blocks adult content including bad words and racy images. Kids can now enjoy a safe web searching experience without having to select the safe search option every time they visit Google. Just go to and you are ready to explore the web safely.

How Kiddle works

The website is powered by Google’s search engine but is not owned by Google in any way. The logo of the site is very similar to Google. You can search Web, Images, News, and Videos. Safe sites are picked by the editors of the Kiddle.

Most Kiddle search results are illustrated with big thumbnails, which makes it easier to scan the results, differentiate between them, and click the most appropriate results to your query. According to Kiddle, kids don’t read as fast as adults, that’s why big thumbnails were added.

If you find any word that is not being blocked by the website, you can request the blocking of that word by filling out the online form. You also need to provide a valid reason for the blocking.

The website can also search images, for instance, if you search for a picture of a celebrity, only family-friendly photos of that star will display. Interestingly, some users complained that the search engine is failed to block indecent images, and they still appear in the search results.

According to the company, the first three results are the pages written specifically for kids. Results fourth to seventh are safe, trusted sites that are not written specifically for children, but have content written in a simple way, easy for kids to understand. Eighth result and onwards are the safe and trusted websites, but are not readily understandable for the kids.

When you type an adult word in the search box, Kiddle displays this message: “Oops, looks like your query contained some bad words. Please try again!”.

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