Knoto app

Do you always forget to send the photos of your loved ones to them after they request a copy? On events like birthday parties, only a few people come with a smartphone with the high-quality camera result. Friends and family members often ask them to capture the group photos and then send to them after the event, but unfortunately, most of the times we forget to forward the images to our friends.

Knoto is a new kind of app which automatically sends the photo of your loved ones to them as soon as you take the picture.

The app uses facial recognition technology to detect the faces automatically and it delivers the picture to them. It connects to your Facebook account to automatically tag the photos of your friends and family members. Users can also manually tag the images.

Jonas Lee, CEO of the company that developed Knoto said: “Friends would always ask me for photos, but I’d always forget, we realized that artificial intelligence could be used to remove all of the friction involved in sharing photos, so we created Knoto.”

Knoto app for iphone

Lee further stated that when you use this app to send photos to a friend, they’re automatically getting a real-time broadcast of pictures of themselves. From that unedited stream of images, they can pick out the best ones to post on Instagram or Facebook.

According to some users of this app, the face detection algorithm used in Knoto app is not very accurate, and users often have to tag the photos manually.

As soon as you capture a group photo, the Knoto app crops the photo of your friend and sends him his picture.

The app is available for iOS-based devices only, and there is no plan by the company to release an Android version.


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