KP government has launched its digital policy to reform the system and bring state of the art technical expertise in the province.

The main motive of the policy is to bring swift changes in the provincial government departments by taking help from technological solutions. Moreover, it has been decided to further enhance transparency and accountability.

The salient features of the policy are:

  • Digital Governance
  • Digital Skills
  • Digital Economy
  • Digital Access

The policy was announced by Kamran Bangash, Special Assistant of the chief minister on Science and Technology and Information Technology in a press conference at the Cabinet Room, Civil Secretariat.

Kamran emphasized that all the modern states are using technology and digitization to engage their citizens. The new development is to increase the productivity of government official while making them accountable for every KP resident.

“After the implementation of the policy, you will see improved public services,” added special assistant to CM. Furthermore, the government also announced its plan to automate the judiciary but with the consultation of the KP high court.

KP government has plans to increase the IT exports of the province. To accommodate that, plans were shared with the media regarding the establishment of research institutions and the integration of technology education in the schooling system of KP.