There is a drive going on for e-policing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. KPK Police is in the process of computerizing the data of its entire force. The initiative will make sure to verify the actual identity of any police personnel.

As per reports, some 75,238 KPK police personnel have been entered into the database. An identity card having the QR code will give access to their information.

Provincial government hopes this will counter the issue of “fake police” which usually caused heinous crimes.

KPK government will issue cards to the personnel from grade 1 to grade 17, however, for the senior officials, the ID cards will be issued from the federal government.

Director of Public Relations, Waqar Ahmed said that citizens have appreciated this step that will help to identify a police officer on the ground.

In the last 4 years, KPK police dismissed nearly 1,008 of its officials on account of corrupt practices, misuse of powers and links with criminals and smugglers. Even, 7,224 officials were awarded different punishments on the same grounds. Interestingly, none of the senior officials beyond grade 18 had his/her name in the list of such officer, The News reports.

Although a great initiative to track the police officials, will this help citizens on the roads if they happen to come across decoits in disguise of police personnel? People still might not have time to verify the identity of an officer before falling prey to an unfortunate incident.