Lahore district government Website Hacked

The Lahore district government’s official website under cyber attack. The web portal was hacked by Indian hackers around 5 hours ago and still, no effort has been made to restore it.

Lahore district government Website Hacked

The message on the site by Indian hackers read:

“Pakistani kids keep distance from Indian server. It’s payback for hacking Indian sites.”

From looking at the hacked website of Lahore district government, the cyber attack has been carried out by a hacker group called IND 3MB3R. The hack seems to be in retaliation of alleged hacking of Indian Home Ministry website by Pakistani Hackers a couple of days ago.

The website features an image of a “sadhu” followed by an Indian Army insignia. It has been hours since the website has been hacked and still no has brought back the original site and fixed the defaced website page.

The cyber warfare between Pakistan and India is not relatively new. Earlier this year, the Indian hackers claimed to hack into the websites of four major International Airports including; Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad, Jinnah International Airport Karachi, Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar, and Multan International Airport.

In 2010, 36 govt. websites were hacked by Indian Cyber Army which also included websites of Pak Navy, National Accountability Bureau, Sindh Police among many others. The cyber war is not limited to hacking websites as an official document released in December 2016 by the Pakistani government revealed that Indians are using fake WhatsApp video calling invite to bait the mobile users into falling for a scam.

With the recent hacking of Lahore District Government web portal, how serious is the government about stepping up their game and putting effective measures in place?


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