Cybercrime force lahore police

The cyberwar between Pakistan and India has been going on for years and owing to the recent Indian cyber threat, Lahore Police is creating a Cybercrime Force, reports City42.

According to the security agencies, India with the help of different softwares plans to launch a cyber attack where different government departments including the police have been informed via official notification.

Reportedly, India is calling it “Operation Hangover” which will include an attempt to target Pakistani cyberspace with their own cyberweapon. Lahore Police is thus working towards creating a force of their own which will deal with such threats and has sent suggestions regarding a budget and hiring of IT experts to Chief Minister Punjab.

Pakistani government introduced a controversial cybercrime law in 2016 but no work has been done to deal with the cyberwar that can invade our digital space.

We saw the Indian hackers defaced various Pakistani government’s websites including Ministry of IT and Telecom, Ministry of Defence etc. on our 70th Independence Day.

Also, the investigation of Lahore blast which took many precious lives earlier this year revealed that the website of Jamaat Ul Ahrar, the group which took responsibility for the incident, operated from within India.

The cyberwarfare can claim loss of not just important data but can leave the country vulnerable to many cyber threats. Thus, we really need the government to wake up and create a cyber policy to deal with not just the domestic but also international threats.

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