Lahore police make plan to upgrade the life at police station

new life for jawans at police station
Police reforms to upgrade the life of police jawans

Lahore Police have decided to transfer the technology at police station level for meeting the day to day challenges. Besides, a major decision has been taken to upgrade the performance of jawans by bringing a change in the environment around them at the Police stations. The first of its kind initiative in Pakistan has been planned by DIG Haider Ashraf who is striving hard to upgrade Lahore police with the help of technology despite numerous challenges.

Impressed and convinced by the performance of OPs rooms in his own office where he along with his team monitors every criminal activity of Lahore, Haider has made a plan to transfer similar technology at police station level for improving the performance of local staff. With the help of multiple screens, a SHO will have a better monitoring mechanism for looking after what is going on around him.

Ops room at lahore police station

One of the reasons for the half-hearted performance of the police is the “disconnect” between field force (jawans) and the lower middle tier of the police. The leadership has also decided to take steps to improve the communication and build a healthy relationship among jawans and their officers. The new SOP focuses on standardizing all the police practices.

Haider wants to upgrade the lives of jawans by eradicating the level of frustration and deprivation. To remove indifference amongst jawans a new briefing and dispatch center has been planned in every police station. This place will have pivotal role in strengthening Officer/ Jawan relationship

Just like an office environment, workstations are also being built for the investigation officers so they could work more professionally.

new workstations at lahore police station

new workstations at lahore police station-b

Currently, there are no canteens for jawans and other low-ranking officers of the police who are usually found eating outside food on the roads. As confirmed by various police high-ups, the ratio of diseases is higher in police force than other law enforcement agencies.

According to sources, 70% of the working police stations have no proper buildings. The absence of washrooms and other sanitary facilities has consistently worsened the performance level over the years.

As a part of the new policy, a subsidized mess at every police station is also a part of the plan for jawans whereas, renovation of washrooms and establishment of tea room/recreational room is under process.

Similarly, the focus has also been given to the cleanliness of barracks of jawans where a standard pattern of bedding and changing of bed sheets has been given a priority.

Bedding at lahore police station barrack

We have always seen police constables performing duties outside cinemas, cricket grounds, parks and other such places that are considered as recreational activities. It is very unfortunate and even rare to see a police jawan getting amused by any such activity. Under the new policy, Jawans will have mess nights after every 15 days. Furthermore, the top performer will attend the event with pride along with his kids.

Currently, there is no standard format for the public complaint mechanism. The entire new policy is being designed for evolving the policing in Lahore. Following the same rule, a new standardized complaint form in Urdu has been designed for the public.

Initially, the new system will be adopted in the 20 police stations of Lahore and, in this regard, Rs. 1 million budget for each police station has been allocated.

Just recently, a summary has been approved by Punjab government for raising the salary of Dolphin force by Rs. 10,000 which was earlier equivalent to the rank of a constable. The reports had started to surface that few Dolphin constables were found involved in unlawful practices. The bosses at police took it very seriously and punished the people involved. The new decision of increment will, of course, have a healthy impact on the performance of Dolphin constable.

Certainly, the up gradation of police stations and formation of SOP will bring a new life to the force, and it will also become a pivotal part towards police reforms. However, there is a need to upgrade the salary of jawan which will, of course, refrain him from thinking about other means of fulfilling his monthly expense.


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