Lahore police makes Hotel Eye software compulsory for all the hotels

For tightening the security in Lahore city, the hotel authorities are instructed to keep a record of every person who enters the hotel. This record will be kept in a special software, called Hotel Eye. The police have made it compulsory for all the hotels in the provincial capital to use this software. Lahore police have recorded the data of the criminals in the database of the Hotel Eye Software.

If any person with a criminal record enters the hotel, the operators sitting in the office room will get a notification and police will arrest the criminal after informing the hotel authorities.

There are also some other advanced features in the software that will help in tracking the location of the foreigners. A legal action will be taken against the person involved in any mysterious or illicit activity.

DIG Operations Dr. Haider Ashraf while talking to the media has said that after creating the Hotel Eye software, not only the authorities at hotel feel safe but the police can also easily collect the data of the criminals.

Lahore police introduced this software back in January, this year. the entry of 1,94,104 people has been done so far. From these entries, 7,472 people belong to the other countries. 1,86,632 people are local while 453 have a criminal record and more than 50 people have been arrested.

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