Lahore Police and PITB working on a new software to verify workers

Lahore Police to introduce software

For the safety of the citizens, the Lahore police have decided to computerize the record of the people working on workshops, shopping malls, and homes. The police are developing a software, which will be activated very soon and will help in reducing the crime rate on workshops, houses and shopping malls.

This software will be created with the help of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and its record will be saved in a database of the Criminal Record Office (CRO) branch. Before hiring any female or male as a worker, people will have to register their new worker at the front desk or CRO branch.

While talking to the Express-News, DIG Operations Lahore Dr. Haider Ashraf said that one of the biggest reasons for the increasing crimes in houses and shops is the fact that the people hire new workers without verifying them.

The new software by Lahore police will save the details of the servants and keep a record of their activities. With the help of CRO, the record of the criminals will be linked to this software.

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All the police stations will get access to this new software, and the authorities will appeal all the citizens to verify the details of their servants by going to the nearest police station.

Back in March, Punjab police uploaded an online album of 204 female thieves with their pictures and information to inform citizens about the domestic workers having a corrupt history. The plan to update the pictures of such private servants was taken amid a rise in the cases of burglary in the principal cities of the Punjab.

Moreover, the government has recently introduced the Iris recognition technology in its departments to increase the authenticity of a person’s identity. Images of a trial phase were spotted on social media in which an employee, the subject, of Gujranwala Waste Management Company can be seen the subject.

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