Lahore police tracked down students involved in hacking police servers

Lahore Police hackers

Lahore police have traced the hackers who tried to gain unauthorized access to the data of the police. The students of the Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore were behind the hacking of the computer systems of the police department.

According to the DIG Operations Haider Ashraf, a few days ago, unknown hackers targeted the servers of the main control room of the Lahore police. They tried to gain unauthorized access to more than 20 applications of the police. They were unsuccessful because of the firewall installed on the servers.

After 17 days, the police have finally tracked down the hackers. The hackers, namely Abid and Zulqarnain, are the two students at the Information Technology department of the ITU, Lahore.

Interestingly, these students are not cybercriminals. They tried to hack the servers of the police because it was their university assignment. The management of the university permitted the students to hack the police server. The primary reason behind the hacking attempt was to check the security system installed on the Lahore police servers. There was no intention to harm any data.

The students have apologized to the police and promised that they will not do this kind of activity again. Lahore police have forgiven the students and did not register any FIR against them.

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