Lahore police video conference

The Lahore Police is already in love with the technology. Earlier, it launched vehicle verification system, emergency alert system, SMS service, Hi-tech ANPR cameras,  monitoring through Skype system, online tenant registration system and many other technologies. And now, the department is ready to launch video conferencing system.

Lahore police would be inter-connected through a video conferencing network for organizing their official meetings and other similar tasks.

The office of the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore has been incorporated to all the six police divisions of the city through video conferencing while the practice will be extended to 20 sites by the next week and finally to all the 84 police stations.

The technology will be helpful in saving the time and the money which is spent for the mobility of the police officials for the meetings.

The announcement was made by Dr. Umar Saif, chairman Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) at Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore.

This new technology will help the officials in the Lahore police to participate in the meetings without having to leave their offices.

Watching the other officials live in the videos instead of just hearing their voices will be very helpful in raising the confidence and trust among the police officers and will lead to a more productive conversation. The technology is very cost-effective.

Before the launch of this technology, the officials in the police stations had to leave their offices for the meetings, the police department in Punjab is already facing the shortage of the staff. Video conferencing system will be helpful in overcoming these flaws.

The video conferencing system is expected to be extended to the entire province in the near future.

It is noteworthy that Lahore police is launching the video conference system for the first time but many other organizations in the country are already using this technology for organizing their official meetings.


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