Notice issued to restaurant for using laser lights distracting pilots

laser lights Lahore

laser lights LahoreIt is very habitual for the people to use laser lights for the publicity of their businesses. These China-made lights are available in the Pakistani market at very low prices.

According to the latest report, Famous Chinese restaurants in Lahore are using sharp laser lights for their advertisements. Lahore Police has issued the warning notices to one of such restaurants.

As per details, the management of the Ginsoy restaurant was using the sharp laser lights for the promotion of their restaurant. On receiving the complaints from the pilots of different airlines, Gulberg police sent the warning letter to the authorities at the restaurant.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), a survey was completed in the light of the complaints received from the pilots of the incoming and outgoing flights.

With the help of this study, the authority noticed that Ginsoy, a famous restaurant for Chinese food located at the M.M Alam Road in the Gulberg-3 area of Lahore uses bright laser lights at the time of night for the purpose of advertisement.

CAA has warned the authority of the restaurant never to use the laser lights from the time of sunset to the time of sunrise. The airport authorities advised the Gulberg police to increase the mobility around the other restaurants and shopping plazas situated in the M.M Alam Road.

A strict action will be taken against the people who use the laser lights in the commercial or non-commercial buildings.

Recently, a pilot of the Gulf airline reported the disturbance during flight. The disruption was caused because of the laser lights used by one of the restaurants on the M.M Alam Road, Lahore. Civil Aviation has called it highly dangerous and directed to ban such lights. Not only Chinese but many other restaurants, shops of various categories use these lights for their promotion.

What is the connection of laser lights to the airlines?

The high frequency of the sharp laser lights causes a lot of troubles for the pilots in flying the planes. These lights, when used on buildings, distract the pilots. In developed countries like the United States and Thailand, if an individual points a simple laser light towards the sky, it is very likely that the police would arrest him.

When the beam reaches the windscreen of a cockpit, the pilot fails to see clearly from the glass.

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