All late night internet packages and offers for mobile broadband

Love to use mobile data but hate to lose your balance? We understand your predicament, using mobile broadband can be very heavy on the wallet sometimes especially if you’re a night owl, you need a good internet package to surf the web throughout the night.

To ease your pain and worries, check out the late night internet packages that you can subscribe in Pakistan right now:


Zong’s goodnight offer might be the best late night internet package that exists right now. The company provides the mobile internet with the speed of 2G, 3G or 4G. The Goodnight offer provides 1 GB of mobile internet and costs Rs 6 +tax.

Update: The price of the package has been changed to Rs. 12 + Tax per day.


To subscribe, go to the write message option, type “gno” and send it to 6464. You can also dial *6464# > 5> 1 to avail this offer.


To unsubscribe simply go your message box, SMS ‘unsub gno” and send it to 6464.


The GoodNight offer is valid from 1 am at night to 9 am. You can check remaining internet volume by dialing *6655#

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Jazz- Late Night Internet Offer

For the users of late night internet packages, Jazz brings it Late night offer. It cost Rs 15+ tax and provides 500 MB of internet.


To subscribe to the offer dial *114*14#


There is no need to unsubscribe as their offered internet bundles will not auto-subscribe.


The offer is valid not just for 1 but 3 days from 2:00 am – 8:00 am. You can check remaining MBs by dialing *114*14*2#

Ufone-Mega Internet Offer

Ufone’s late night internet package aka Mega Internet offer can be used on both 2G or 3G devices. It costs Rs. 99  and provides 1GB Mobile Internet to users


To subscribe simply dial *550#


To unsubscribe just dial *5501#


The offer is valid from 1 am, and 6 am. This offer is for prepaid customers only.


Telenor’s late night package is for talkshawk customers where they can only use the 2G internet. It costs Rs 4.75 inclusive of tax, and you can enjoy 400 MB of mobile data


To subscribe dial *345*907# from your mobile phones


The offer is valid for only one night from 1:00 AM till 9:00 AM in the morning. Check the remaining internet volume by dialing *999#, Rs.0.24 Incl. The tax will be deducted per attempt.

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  1. All information above is wrong about Telenor Telenor gives you 1.5 gb Internet price of 13 rupees from 12 am το 12pm that is correct info yes Telenor gives 1500 mb Internet from 12am το 12 pm this is night time internet offer
    Telenor gives you monthly internet only 170 rupees and data pack limit 3 gb Telenor gives you 1gb for pocket tv and 2 gb gives for other browsing include all browser surfing likewise Facebook what’s app and Twitter etc
    From Shahbaz Bukhari


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