angel investor discussed at LUMS

On Friday Sept 23, TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) hosted a talk at LUMS. The talk titled as Legal Eagles- Navigating the Legal Path, covered the legal issues and regulatory compliances regarding the relationship between start-up and angel investor.

The talk was very informative and aimed at guiding tech start-ups about legal complexities of the relation between start-up and angel investor. Speakers mainly talked about relevant laws and the related practices on the international level that governed start up businesses.

Mr.Saad Rasool, the keynote speaker of the talk, guided the audience about various legal matters related to startups and their potential angel investors. Rasool is a Lahore based Lawyer who also writes a weekly column in The Nation of legal and policy issues. He did his Masters in Finance from Warton Business School, University of Pennsylvania and LL.M from Harvard Law School. He also served as the Vice President also served as Vice President in the Global structured finance & investment-banking group of Merill Lynch in New York.

TiE hosted at LUMS

Hira Arif, the founder of E-Panchayet, was the moderator of the event. She is also HR Manager and Legal Consultant at TXB and Lajwanti.

The President of TiE Lahore Chapter, Mr. Humayun Mazhar also spoke to the audience. He shared the future agenda of organization and roadmap through which it is looking to help entrepreneurs.

Overall, the talk proved to be absorbing and engaging. The audience included the students, professionals, incubators, accelerators and many start-up founders.

Scope of the Talk Hosted by TiE:

The Indus Entrepreneurs is a non-profit organization with 61 chapters in 18 countries. The group aims at fostering entrepreneurs by connecting them to angel investors and making their start up legally compliant. In the present scenario, such talk was much needed, as being an entrepreneur seems to be the key priority of millennial generation. The biggest problem is that many start-ups have no clue how to support and finance their idea.

Angel Investors and accelerators play an important role in providing assistance to emerging ideas, but this is not as simple. There are many legal complexities that both the parties need to be familiar. It is necessary for start-ups and angel investors to comply with laws and regulations that govern their mutual relation.


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