Great news for the citizens of Lahore, to make the city load-shedding-free, the work has been started on the mega project of the net metering. National Electric Power Regulatory Authority NEPRA has instructed the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) to create the initial report of supplying the electricity via solar energy to the consumers. Consumers will be able to get the electricity via solar energy during the load shedding.

Net metering is a system that allows the residential and commercial customers who own a solar power system to share their electricity with the grid stations. Their electricity meters then run in the reverse direction and the power companies credit the owners for the electricity they add to the grid.

In Pakistan, Lahore will be the first city to get this system. This system is already available in most of the developed countries. The climate of Pakistan is ideal for installing the solar power systems on the rooftops of houses and offices. The solar systems are available at very affordable prices.

Net Metering technology will help to reduce the burden on the transmission lines of LESCO.

It is important to be recalled that the NEPRA had previously approved the Net Metering system but the electricity distribution companies failed to install it because the companies were working on some technical problems.