LG Brand Shop in Lahore

LG has started offering the gift hampers and a discount of up to 60 percent to its customers who will arrive at its newly opened premium brand shop in Lahore. This offer is valid for the first ten days. All of the products in the premium LG brand shop are Korea-made, and the company has set a goal of USD $ 102,640, which will be generated within the first ten days by selling the products in this shop.

LG Brand Shop Goal Setting AgreementIt is the first of its kind lifestyle gallery setup that is showcasing a complete range of Home Appliances and Home Entertainment products destined to serve the growing needs of premium Pakistani customers.

It is often observed that when a person sees an advertisement of a great product on the tv and arrives the nearest shop to purchase it, the shopkeeper tells the customer that the particular product is not currently available. Keeping this in view, LG Electronics inaugurated this premium brand shop in Lahore which is designed to serve clients with a broad range of LG products, thus, catering to their needs at a local level.

Inauguration of LG Brand Shop in LahoreIt will also be used as a one window solution to those who seek electronic products under the umbrella branding of LG and will, therefore, be able to avail the opportunity to experience a complete range of technologies and innovations under one roof.

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According to the company, the customer needs are prioritized while formulating strategies for business expansion, globally, and Pakistan is a key market when it comes to catering to technology innovators. The brand shop will be followed by a chain of additional premium LG brand shops to be launched across the country.

“Our aim is to delight our potential and existing customer base with premium quality products. We want to be able to come down at a level where we can understand and cater to their needs so as to become a significant part of their daily lives,” said Yong-Geun Choi, President LG Gulf, while speaking at the inauguration of the shop.

The premium LG brand shop will enable customers to choose between their desired products with ease and convenience, keeping in mind a favorable metropolitan spot and the availability of the goods needed for a household. Similarly, LG has tapped onto a unique opportunity of offering localized products for the Pakistani market; such as offering features like a ‘built-in stabilizer’ for TVs.

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It extends patronage for the post-purchase phase, thereby, facilitating brand loyalty. The company further plans to offer localized products for the H&A category soon.

Washing machines in LG Brand Shop

Washing machines in LG Brand Shop a

A large variety of LCD screens, beautifully showcased in LG Brand Shop

Dual Cool ACs and Smart Inverter ACs in LG Brand Shop

Fridges in LG Brand Shop

Speakers in LG Brand Shop



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