LG releases V20: the first smartphone with pre-installed Android Nougat

LG V20 with Android Nougat

LG is introducing the first smartphone to ship with Google’s new version of Android OS, in a hope to attract  the people who like to capture and share photos and video. The new LG V20 smartphone comes on the eve of an event in the US where Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 7.

Google’s latest version of Android is Nougat is already available as a free upgrade on some Nexus smartphones; however, the V20 would be the first android phone with Nougat pre-installed. Other phones aren’t likely to get Nougat for a while because individual phone makers and wireless carriers have to tweak and test the new software first.

Android Nougat comes with a lot of options such as the battery efficiency, multitasking feature. Nougat also lets the users reply to messages within notifications, something Apple already offers on iPhones.

Meanwhile, the V20 promises higher-quality audio playback and recording, with reduced background noise, according to LG. The company also says it also improved image stabilisation when recording video. LG spokesman Frank Lee described the V20’s target audience as “storytellers.”

LG spokesman Frank Lee described the V20’s target audience as “storytellers.”

Like the company’s G5 phone, which it released in April, the LG V20 will have two lenses on the main camera one for regular pictures and one with a wide angle to capture more of the scene. Unlike many other top-line phones, the V20 features a replaceable battery.

LG V20 is expected in South Korea this month, with other markets, including the US, to follow. LG didn’t immediately announce prices.

Read MoreLG is offering a discount of up to 60 percent in its new premium shop.

Apple also plans to update its operating system this month. The update, iOS 10, will come with new messaging and photo features and more detailed notifications on the lock screen. Existing iPhone users will be encouraged to upgrade the software for free.  New iPhone is being released on Wednesday; Sept 7 and according to leaks, it is coming with some mindblowing features.

Image: Google

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