The past year had seen some marvelous units like TCL C6 and world’s first 8K TV by Samsung. It seems now that this year also has many technological advancements in store. CES 2019 is having a blast, and not only we see some marvelous cars related stuff, but LG rollable TV also riveted our attention.

It’s the world’s first rollable 65-inch television which has come from the hands of LG. The Signature OLED TV R is a flexible telly focused on reducing the space occupied by the device to the minimum expression.

The 65-inch prototype has a resolution UHD 3840×2160 and will allow consumers to roll it when they are not watching TV, which leads to a new way of organizing our rooms. In addition, no complicated installation is required since you only have to place the base, from which the TV rolls out, on a flat surface to accommodate this 65-inch panel.

LG Signature R TV
Image: MS Power User

The LG Signature OLED TV R presents three modes to the consumers.

Full View:

The name of the mode speaks for itself. By enabling, this mode whole TV comes rolling out of the base and gives you the entire screen to enjoy and consume media content.

Line View:

LG rollable OLED
Image: Trusted Reviews

This mode rolls out partial screen which gives you access to the clock, music controls, and pictures. Just 25% of the screen gets available to you, and apparently, it does not look like a television screen.

Zero View:

In this view, the television becomes a radio, or say a music player who can play your favorite tracks. The base features a speaker for the rollable TV set.

Other than the rolling mechanism, the TV offers Google Assistant and Alexa integrations. You can control your television with the help of spoken commands.

Speaking of the durability of this minimalistic rollable TV. Though there are concerns regarding the ruggedness of the machine and its longevity, the company claims that it can easily stand the usage of about 20 t0 30 years without wearing out the OLED panel and will not have any troubles regarding the rolling mechanism.

We have seen a rolling mechanism of front camera in smartphone devices like OPPO Find X, and Vivo Nex. If the company has the same amount of work injected into the development of rollable TV as these mobile phones, I think there might be no worries.

There are no words regarding the price of this beautiful gadget. However, it will be expensive, more than $8000. LG has planned to introduce the first rollable TV somewhere in the mid of this year.

Via: USA Today