My Life Asleep website

Have you ever wondered how much total time you have spent sleeping in your entire life? Well, stop calculating. A new website, called My Life Asleep, automatically tells you this information by just entering your age digits. Yes, that is true.

Just like food, water, and oxygen is necessary, sleep is also important for a human to survive. Some people say four-hour sleep is enough for a person. Some say five. But, medical science says that a person cannot do the daily tasks efficiently and normally if he/she does not get at least seven hours of sleep in 24 hours. Sleep is very important for refreshing our energy.

My Life Asleep website shows the time you spent sleeping in your entire life

You can visit My Life Asleep website, and enter your age. Then, click on the “Show My Sleep” button. The website will not only show you the time you spent in sleeping but also how many hours you spent in dreaming. It shows you how much hours you have spent dreaming about money, success, misfortune, eating, family, sadness, and happiness.

You will also see what you could have accomplished during that time if you were not sleeping.

The amazing online calculator also shows you how much calories your body burnt during the sleeping, and also some other funny and interesting facts. You can try it yourself, the layout of the website is very simple and smooth.

My Life Asleep only shows the average sleeping time of a person according to his/her age after some calculations. The real timing for each individual might be different according to his/her sleeping habits.

These kind of websites are getting very popular. Another interesting website called Forebears is also worth checking out. It shows the meanings and interesting facts about your name. And, if you are in the mood for some fun, you can always make Barack Obama speak whatever you want!


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