Limited Numbers of Huawei Mate 9 Matte Black up for grabs

Blackout with Huawei Mate 9

Huawei has now launched an exquisitely designed ‘Black’ version of its flagship device – the Mate 9 in Pakistan. The discerning consumers in search of an ultra-powerful device with a sexy sleek design which reflects their personalities will truly be overwhelmed by its inspirational appearance. The Mate-9 Black reflects a dazzling first impression that lasts, as its timeless design portrays a lot about its user’s taste and class.

The Matte Black version’s design looks amazing in any light. The glare effect is a result of countless nano-ink “lenses” on its 5.9-inch screen, giving a light-beam effect to highlights the beautiful aesthetics. Mate 9 is the first device in Pakistan to deliver Artificial-intelligence. Enriched with a special ‘Machine Learning Algorithm’, it understands the user’s behavior with patterns and preferences, whereby increasing the speed and responsiveness with the passage of time.

The camera on the Mate 9 has been created by ‘Leica’ – the world’s most sophisticated camera producer. It is powered by a battery that lasts up to two days, on-the-go.  It is also enriched with a super-fast-charge technology, allowing users to multi-task for the whole day after only 20 minutes of charging.

Huawei’s 25 years’ of experience of creating sophisticated products is evidently reflected in the creation of this technological masterpiece.The soft sandblasted texture and the dazzling Matte Black color, further accentuate its classy design. It is constructed using 50 unique processes, including one hour of CNC milling, which results in a high-precision uni-body metal frame.

Huawei has deeply focused on maintaining symmetry with beautiful curves, to make the Mate 9 feel great in the hand and appeal to the natural senses. Besides promising swift multitasking and powerful performance on-the-go, with the most powerful Kirin processor, the device is also enriched with a larger 5.9” full HD display. The screen delivers a great visual experience, while the user is watching movies in HD, reading a book, or simply surfing the digital world for infotainment.

Apart from razor sharp features in speed, camera and charging, modern users want an accessory that enhances their profile and the highly executive matte black version of Mate 9 delivers exactly that. The Huawei Mate 9 Matte black delivers a dazzling first impression that lasts with its timeless and classic design built to speak volumes about the holder.

The pre-bookings for Mate 9 have been extremely well received and only limited numbers are left. Consumers can get their hands on the Mate 9 Matte Black version at all Huawei brand outlets or on

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