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Syed Muhammad Kashif Iqbal, co-founder, and CEO Limofied has revealed that the existing cab and ride sharing companies in Pakistan offer pathetic experience to its customers. While talking to MORE at the launch of his car-hailing service Limofied, he said: “Looking at myself as a customer who has come from overseas, what I’m looking for is service but what I’m receiving is rubbish.”

Limofied is an Austrailian owned ride-share, car-hire, and car-booking app company that after much anticipation has launched its services today. The company differentiates itself from others in the market on the basis of service and quality that they aim to provide. Kashif while talking about his car service said that the experience of people who have availed the services of the cab companies that are now operating in Pakistan is insubstantial. Taking Uber as an example, he mentioned that due to the conditions of the cars and the behavior of the drivers, families don’t feel safe riding with their car service.

The CEO of Limofied has shown dismay at Uber and Careem and said that the two cab companies are offering cheap rides because they don’t pay taxes. Moreover, he also mocked the two companies saying that the reason that comes to my mind for activities, like evading taxes by not getting the cars registered as commercial vehicles, is that they offer cheap rides that’s why they don’t have enough money to follow up on those things. He further revealed that the companies keep on doing it because they didn’t have anyone before to call them out, he said:

You’ve come to my country to promote illegal business?

In Pakistan cab services that use mobile application are faced with a problem of lack of street locations and correct street addresses on Google maps but, Limofied claims to have solved this problem in their mobile application. Through their mobile app, a person’s location with the 50-meter radius will be recorded and conveyed to the driver.

Kashif explained that their service wouldn’t be charging any surge pricing, calling it a wrong format. While talking about it, he said that the company that charges PKR 7 as a car fare end up taking PKR 25 on average because of the surge pricing. He also mentioned that as a consumer one can never tell what algorithm they are using to determine that price and time.

The company is also introducing a unique feature Le Femme for women as a solution to sexual harassment that has been reported by female passengers in Pakistan. The CEO of the company described that Limofied is currently in talks with the Women Development Department who has promised to endorse the initiative. This feature is for female only where every booking will be confirmed by calling to make sure that the passenger is female. A similar initiative can also be seen by Careem which offers taxis driven by women, who will pick up both male and female customers.

Limofied will be providing its car services starting from 25th December. They don’t charge any surge prices or cancellation fees. It’s basic service and charges include:

Limofied Business Class

  • Base Fare: PKR 149
  • Charges Per KM: PKR 25
  • Charges Per Minute: PKR 6
  • Minimum Fare: PKR 190

Limofied Economy Class

  • Base Fare: PKR 119
  • Charges Per KM: PKR 20
  • Charges Per Minute: PKR 4.5
  • Minimum Fare: PKR 150

The Austrailian company kept on insisting that they do not consider Uber and Careem as their competitors but these two companies have already made their mark in the providing car services in Pakistan. The prices that the company is offering right now is more than the cab services are offering at the moment which raises an important question that in a price sensitive community how is Limofied planning to stay in the market for a foreseeable future without divulging in the price wars with the others in the market.

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