Linkedin introduces a lighter version of its Android app

Linkedin Lite app

Linkedin has launched a faster version of their Android mobile app, Linkedin Lite. It is just a 1MB app and consumes 80% less data while it can run on even a 2G network.

The app has been developed by Linkedin India where it has more than 42 million subscribers. The development of the mobile appp was planned after the success of lightweight version of the mobile site that company had launched in September 2016.

It is not available for Pakistani audience yet. However, the company plans to roll out the app in nearly 60 more countries but haven’t given the timeline.

The mobile application aims to give a better experience to its subscribers, and the new version will help the Job and HR market in a better way.

Out of total 500 million users worldwide, Linkedin currently enjoys more than 118 million subscribers in the Asia and Pacific region, a market which is growing exponentially in terms of data usage.

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