Lionel Messi joins Huawei as new global brand ambassador for smartphones


The world-class football player, Lionel Messi, has been appointed as the new global brand ambassador for Huawei.

A source at the company has confirmed that Messi will be promoting upcoming Huawei P9 in its starting campaign.

In an interview with a sports website the Quint, Messi explains that he left Samsung and joined Huawei because he thinks Huawei is even better because he and this company share a lot of the same perspectives regarding goals and dreams, and how to achieve them. He thinks he is an excellent fit.

He also said that Huawei loves football and communication, and so does he.

This development has taken the Huawei brand lovers as well as Messi’s fan club with excitement.

Both Mess and Huawei have a vision and inspiration to connect the people to greatness regardless of the boundaries and barriers of any nature. Messi has millions of fans all over the world and similarly

Both Huawei and Messi share the values like progressive betterment and development.

MD devices section, Huawei Pakistan, Mr. Shawn said that the Huawei has been investing and promoting sports for a long time, and it has taken big names of the sports world onboard, and this helps the people to be connected in a real global city pattern where they equally share the values of inspiration for excellence and great connectedness.

Huawei recently announced its marriage with Atif Aslam, the star singer, for its lower and middle tier smartphones.

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