LTC Musafir Card launched
image: Pakistan Today

For the advancement of the traveling system of the city, Lahore Transport Company (LTC) has initiated the pilot project of LTC Musafir card. It is an electronic card, which people can use for traveling in the fully air-conditioned buses of LTC.

The price of LTC Musafir card is just Rs. 100. LTC already offers traveling cards for the students, elderly people, and physically challenged persons. This new LTC Musafir eCard will prove to be a landmark in the transport sector of Lahore.

The issue of overcharging in the passenger buses will be automatically solved with these cards. The cases of cash stealing in the buses will also be controlled.

How to get LTC Musafir card?

The process of getting an LTC Musafir card is very easy. You can get your eCard from the person who collects the cash in the bus. The facility of recharging your eCard is also available in every LTC bus.

The system of eCards will be fully operational in all the LTC buses from 30th May 2016.

It is worth mentioning here that the Metro Bus Transit System in Lahore is already offering smart cards to its travelers. The card costs just Rs. 130, and you can recharge it at any time. The per ride fee is Rs. 20 only.

This kind of cards is very helpful for the travelers. These cards save the passengers from standing in the long queue for getting their ticket.

In almost all the developed countries, the transport buses offer electronic cards to the travelers. We can say that Pakistan is progressing in the field of transportation. Specially Lahore city.

With the launch of advanced air-conditioned buses like LTC, Metro etc. people are experiencing modern and speedy travel at very affordable prices.

Citizens in Lahore are anxiously waiting for the launch of Orange Line Metro Train service, which is also expected to offer similar eCards to the travelers.


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