Maalik – Ban On The Movie Or Democracy?

Maalik Ban in Pakistan

It takes a lot to tolerate freedom of speech. Nations which subdue freedom of expression mostly end up in a much exasperated, tangled and confused societies.

Recently, a movie named Maalik was released in Pakistan, it was the directorial debut of Aashir Azeem. Maalik is based on a story where a man rises against the unethical practices, corruption, and immoral conducts which take place in Pakistan. The film has different angles to showcase the malpractices happening in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is, of course, is not an acceptable to many for registering these facts in people’s minds.

Resultantly, the higher authorities of the government of Pakistan imposed a ban on 27th of April, 2016 over Maalik.

In the movie the character of CM was shown indulging into immoral and questionable practices. For instance, he was shown partying with girls in his personal space and being drunk. In two places he was also shown molesting girls for his cravings and desires.

But then again this is something which is shown in the movies everywhere in the world, why Pakistan have separate “Laws”? The character of CM in the movie was symbolism and not an exact depiction of any real-life CM of Pakistan.

According to the section 9 of the Motion Pictures Ordinance 1979, The Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage has professed Maalik as “uncertified.”

The only reason behind this ban is, as expressed by an official, the film shows the character of Chief Minister of Pakistan as an immoral, shady and affluent man.

This, according to officials, is not acceptable to be showcased on the silver screen. Even Ashir Azeem shared a tweet in regard with his oblivion to why the movie is banned. Here’s the tweet:

Asir Azeem’s Tweet On Banning Maalik

In Pakistan, this is literally ridiculous to ban a movie on such basis. Around the world movies are considered as the forte of storytelling and art. They are not banned based on such reasons.

Recently an Indian film Jai Gangaajal was released and depicted the government official of India indulging in some unscrupulous activities, but the state did not ban it by anyway.

Similarly, movies like Rann, Naayak, Aaj Ka MLA, Ram Avtaar and many of the same genre were released in Bollywood, but they never got banned. Here’s something which Pakistan needs to learn from the neighboring country India i.e. tolerance. Based on insecurities, decisions should be annulled on a parliamentary level.

Ashir Azeem also informed to the media that wherever the word “CM” and “Wazir-e-Aala” have been used they have muted it in the movie just to fulfill the requirements imposed by the government.

Maalik – Top Trending Hashtag On Twitter

Over Twitter, many users have shown their support for Maalik, and there are two hashtags which are trending for the past day i.e. #Maalik and #IStandWithMaalik. Following are a few tweets which are supported and retweeted by many:

Even on Facebook, users are supporting the movie by Ashir Azeem. Most of them have added the following picture to their profiles.

Maalik or Democracy?

The nation of Pakistan is standing together for lifting the ban over Maalik, the question is,

“Is Pakistan A Real Democratic Society? If It Is, Then The Ban On Maalik Should Be Lifted”

If this is what people have to go through before “Cyber Crime Bill” then what will happen once it is implemented? It’s alarming.

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