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The MacBook Pro is the high-end model from Apple that provides the best from Apple’s breeding ground. Many people consider only a MacBook, and with good reasons: macOS is stable and easy to use, It integrates easily with the iPhone and iPad, also Macs has the best user support among other laptops.  Are you, who are waiting for MacBook Pro 2018 but are not sure whether to go for this device, this time? This is for you.

We here, tried to enlist the rumors and speculations circulating the web, and what we desire from the upcoming machine?

Apple has built users trust over the years but unfortunately, in 2016 the company disappointed us all with its new MacBook range. They did not add a huge amount of features or functionality to the range to go along with the new price.

The annual survey by Laptop Mag awarded Apple the top spot every year since 2010 till 2016. For its 2018 survey, Apple has plummeted down the charts to seventh place behind Microsoft, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, HP, and even Acer. It is worth to be noted that Apple was on the 5th spot in 2017 that shows a constant decline.

Because of its modest review scores, expensive products, outdated design and lack of ports, Apple is losing the crown it has held for so many years. Should we expect the continuation of steak with MacBook Pro 2018 or not? Let’s review the rumors flowing in the tech world.


According to the rumors, Apple has upgraded the gadget with the eighth generation of Intel Coffee Lake processors. Currently, the laptop has the seventh generation of Kaby Lake processors. A MacBook Pro with a Core i7-8559U processor appeared on Geek bench dew days ago, which scored 4,448 on the single core and 16,607 on multi-core.

So, maybe we are getting a better processor this year, but other than that, we don’t really have any solid information about the MacBook Pro–especially since the WWDC keynote came and went with no mention of new hardware.

Longer Battery Life

Apple’s laptops have always been notable for their lasting power, but the MacBook Pro has struggled to uphold that standard in recent years. For instance, the most recent model lasted just 7 hours in our use. That’s a far cry from its previous models and Apple’s claim of MacBook 2017.

So, we’d like to see the rumored performance enhancements of the next macOS inside the MacBook Pro 2018 to give its battery life the boost it desperately needs.

Keyboard glitches

The often-lamented butterfly switches in the keys of Apple’s MacBook Pros (and its other laptops) have been criticized as fragile, and have to be pressed multiple times to register the strokes. While many hope Apple changes their key design soon, nothing’s for sure.

Instead, what we know is that Apple’s experimenting with new designs. A patent published in March shows Apple looking towards a crumb-resistant keyboard, which could save owners from blowing air at their space bar, trying to make it work again.

Bezel-less Design

Apple’s laptop designs are getting stale. Notebooks like the Dell XPS 13 shows that is possible to create a machine with little to no bezel around the display, giving you a big screen in a compact design. The trade-off is that the webcam looks up your nose as it is placed below the screen, but we’ve seen other systems shrink the bezels while keeping the webcam in the right spot.

A newly publicized patent shows the reference to a “Living Hinge.” It will allow the display part to be integrated into the rest of the laptop, so the entire machine is one piece of metal. We wouldn’t bet our money that this feature will arrive in MacBook Pro 2018, but it’s interesting what Apple’s exploring.

Release Date; we want it soon

With new devices having recently been approved by the Eurasian Economic Commission, we’d expect latest MacBook as early as this fall, most likely in September or October event. The last one was released after the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June 2017.

Would Apple take time and focus away from the expected iPhone? Given how previous events and reveals have biased heavily towards iOS, We think Tim Cook and his team will keep the focus on the smartphone platform, and leave the ‘announcement’ of the new macOS machines to a quiet press release and a few updates to the product page.

That adverse approach leaves a gap in the market that of other manufacturers can exploit with their respective range of ultra-books especially Dell, HP, and Microsoft.

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