Pakistan’s much-acclaimed actress, Mahira Khan, is nowadays in USA campaigning and fundraising for the Shaukat Khanum Hospital. To everyone’s surprise, hotshot celebrity visited tech giants Facebook and Google headquarters.

Mahira posted her pictures on Instagram from her visit to the central bases of the Facebook and Google, Menlo Park and Mountain View, California respectively.

“Thank you, Facebook for having us. On behalf of Shaukat Khanum, we visited the campus and had a great talk there,” Mahira wrote after visiting Facebook’s headquarters.

While visiting Google headquarters, the actress praised the tech monster and asserted that they know everything. “I am not a tech geek, but man I was geeking out at Google headquarters! Can’t wait to go back, had a great time,” she exclaimed.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recently appointed Mahira Khan as their ambassador to utilize the stardom of the actress in highlighting the issues faced by the refugees in the world especially in Pakistan and neighboring areas.

Mahira Khan is the only Pakistani actress, starred against Shahrukh Khan in commercial hit film Raees while she also has the movies like Bol and Verna to her credit.

She is one of the few film actresses from Pakistan, and it is highly commendable that she enjoys doing philanthropic works throughout the country and even internationally.