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It is always tough to protect a factory from various kinds of accidents, like, in the case of fire, the workers inside premises get locked, and there is no way for them to escape the situation because the doors in the factory are mostly manual. We have already witnessed such incidents in Pakistan many times. The worst was the case of the garment factory in Karachi Baldia where several hundred people lost their lives.

Such facilities need an Industrial Protection system which can alert the laborers and save their lives at the same time.

Technology is getting advanced, and scientists are introducing automatic systems to control almost everything. Although there is advance work going on around the world and even in Pakistan, several companies are providing Industrial Security Systems, However, it is equally encouraging to see a very young student to think similarly as a professional can do.

Maira is a student in Government College of Technology for Women, Lahore under the umbrella of TEVTA and she has developed a system, which will solve the issues that are faced by the employees at the time of sudden accidents in industries. She has designed a GSM-based Industrial Protection System to protect the workers inside factories from many kinds of disasters.

According to her, the system is currently a model and is under development.

In the future, this kind of GSM-based protection systems can also be used in houses to protect individuals from many kinds of unfortunate events.

Industrial Protection system Pakistan
A model system designed by Maira

How does GSM-based Industrial Protection System work?

The technology uses a smoke sensor to sense the expansion of the gas in the industry; there is also a fire sensor which instantly identifies if there is any kind of spark or fire at any place in the industry, while vibration sensor in it monitors the shaking of the earth, resulting from an earthquake.

The system also opens the doors automatically for the safety of people inside.

The system features a GSM tower, which is used to send an SMS within thirty seconds in the case of any kind of emergency. The doors of the industry get opened within one second.

Five telephone numbers can be assigned in this system, for example, Fire Brigade, Rescue 1122, Ambulance, Police, and the directors of the industry. In the case of any emergency, a notification is sent to each of the assigned numbers using the GSM tower.

There is also an alarm system installed in the system to alert all the people in the industry about any kind of undesired event.


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