iPhone 7 Drop from Burj Khalifa

Dubai Police has recently interrogated a man who shot a video of iPhone 7 while dropping it from one of the top floors of Burj Khalifa.

It was the Ukranian tech blogger, who shot the video and then posted it on social media; he usually posts videos on YouTube under the identity of TechRadar. Dubai Police took notice of the incident after the video went viral on social media; the police were concerned that such acts could endanger public safety.

After the interrogation the man signed an undertaking that he will never repeat such stuff. Dubai Police is of the opinion that it could have harmed the pedestrians, passers by as well as the accused.

The tech blogger first showed himself in the Burj Khalifa and then made the video of the dropping iPhone 7. He claimed that he was merely testing the strength of iPhone by throwing it from the height of 2,717 feet.

It is evident that purpose of this stunt was not simply to test the ability of iPhone 7 to withstand the force and its impact, rather it was to shoot a thrilling scene for target audience on social media.

U.A.E based English Newspaper, Khaleej Times quote Major General Khaleel Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander in Chief of Dubai Police for Criminal Investigations saying that although Dubai buildings are designed in a way to ensure the best safety measures for the public still the security agencies keep an eye on those who like taking selfies and making exciting videos from rooftops and other dangerous positions.




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