While everyone in Pakistan was mourning the Lahore and Quetta blast victims and the Twitterati started a HayaDay2k17 trend, on 14th February a man was caught selling Sex Toys in Lahore.

After receiving a tip-off that a man is selling sex toys near Chauburji Roundabout, the Lytton-road police station came into action and arrested the man.

Sex Toys FIR

A man whose name has been revealed in FIR as Farhan Ul Haq was holding two toys in his hands for selling whereas a bag on his shoulder had 29 more such plastic toys along with the 21 batteries to be used as vibrators, the content of FIR further states.

While Islamabad High Court banned the celebration of Valentines Day across the country, what people fail to realize is that celebrating a day doesn’t create problems in society rather keeping quite does.

In Pakistan, our education starts with teaching the English alphabets and ends with receiving a degree, and nowhere in between, we are taught about right and wrong about various elements present in the world.

We love to shout out that our country is on its way to becoming a Digital Pakistan, but what we fail to mention is that we have failed to provide adequate education about the use of the cyber world. Simply banning pornographic content is not enough, the effective way is to educate people about the evils and wrong of watching this kind of stuff.

Pakistan has topped the list of countries looking for porn in 2015 and in 2013 it topped Google searches for gay sex. The irony of this situation is that in front of everyone we are the most intolerant of people but from the comfort of anonymity, we are the very creators of social evil.