Man looted $7.75 mln by creating Online Prayer service

Lahore district government Website Hacked

In Pakistan, we often come across advertisements written on the walls about a so-called”religious person” who promise to give us whatever we want. Our media also highlights these fake “Aamil Baba” type people who fool innocent people to get money, and then escape from the scene.

You will be shocked to know that these kinds of individuals even exist in America. A man, namely Benjamin Rogovy looted thousands of people on the name of religion, but this time, in a different and modern style.

Benjamin Rogovy created a website in 2011 which promised its visitors for powerful prayers from the world’s known religious people just for $35. Anyone was allowed to request for a prayer.

Just in a few days, the website got a lot of visitors posting requests for the prayers; they registered for the website by entering their credit card numbers. Most of the people asked for the prayers because they or their loved ones suffered from a medical condition, and they wanted a prayer for it.

Many individuals who paid for the online prayers were either the patient of HIV or cancer, and they wanted a divine intervention or a miracle of God. Some people asked for the prayers so that they can win a lottery ticket.

The online prayer website earned Benjamin Rogovy more than $7.75 million in just five years.

The Washington State Attorney General has ordered Benjamin Rogovy to repay the money to the innocent people who wasted thousands of dollars on him.

Attorney General said that 165,000 people were the victims of this online prayer scam. However, the man has agreed to pay back the money to the people. The state has also shut down the website.

According to a source, By 8th April, clients who requested prayers from online prayers website will get an email from CPC warning them to register a complaint to get a refund.

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