Mark Zuckerberg the new Iron Man? His personal AI assistant Jarvis in action

Mark Zuckerberg built Jarvis

The Facebook CEO introduced his version of Jarvis inspired by Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S. or “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.” In a longer text post on Monday, Mark Zuckerberg detailed his progress with this project and showcased his personal challenge for 2016 which was to build a simple AI to run his home. On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg has posted new videos of his homemade Jarvis AI assistant in action. The video showcases some of the actual tasks that Jarvis can theoretically perform. Check it out:

After a year of coding, here's Jarvis.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In the video, the AI platform looks quite capable voice-powered command center for the home. Also, the best all rounder feature of Jarvis is that it’s voiced by none other than Morgan Freeman, who was the hands down the popular choice of the people as a response to Zuckerberg’s Facebook post, where he asked for input on who should act as the voice for his AI.

It is may be a little less high-tech than the one in the movie, but we’re still impressed. The coolest thing in the video is the T-shirt cannon which is a major Geek On for the nerds. But the rest of the presentation was an awkward interaction of Zuckerberg with us all. At least a reminder that just creating a Jarvis can’t make anyone have the cinematic charisma of Iron Man.

Mark Zuckeberg attempt at Iron Man's jarvis
Tony Stark from Marvel Cinematic Universe

Mark Zuckerberg also posted the second video, showcasing a presumably fictionalized account of how his wife, Priscilla Chan, has dealt with having Jarvis installed.

Priscilla's experience with Jarvis has been a little different…This one is based on mishaps she endured while I built Jarvis.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Well, one has to admit that the take on humor was a bit too much for the audience but it was impressive to see the completion of his personal growth challenge of 2016, one that he gives himself each year. It is an exciting exploration of the state of the art of AI technology which can be an essential field to Facebook in the future. The company has already forayed into virtual reality, and the addition of AI can be an excellent thing for the company.  Following are some details learned about Jarvis from Mark’s Facebook post:

  • The AI is run by his phone and computer to control his home including lights, temperature, appliances, music and security.
  • It has the ability to learn his tastes and patterns and can learn new words and concepts.
  • It took him about 100 hours to build the whole thing.

The personal AI is more akin to a homemade, highly personal and fancy version of Amazon Echo with Amazon’s Alexa service. But, whatever criticism may come, no geek can deny that its way too cool.

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