Blackberry has zero market share

The market share of Blackberry, once a leader in mobile phones market, is ZERO. Yes, it actually is zero, the research by Gartner indicates that Blackberry in its fourth quarter sold 207,900 of its own devices running its own operating system hardly making an impact on the sale of more than 432 million smartphones globally.

Blackberry Market Share
Statistics by Gartner

Blackberry once was the height of being a top choice for professionals now holds 0.0% share in the global smartphone market or to be precise 0.0481%. In the third quarter of FY2016, the market share of the company was 0.1%, with estimated sales of 377,800 devices.

According to Gartner’s report, Android topped the charts with 81.7% market share followed by iOs with 17.9% market share. Android is used by a variety of devices especially in low to mid-range smartphones in many countries, thus strengthening the position of Google in the market. But, Apple even though sells fewer phones still, manages to dominate over Samsung, one of the largest smartphone manufacturer.

This year Blackberry is in on its way of making a comeback with the Chinese company TCL which will make the future handsets for the company. During CES 2017, the company gave a sneak peak of its up coming smartphone named BlackBerry Mercury, that is set to launch at MWC 2017.


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