Did Maryam Nawaz’s Social Media Cell Violate Cybercrime Law?

Social media cell of Maryam Nawaz is reportedly involved in propagating anti-army, anti-judiciary remarks and maligning campaign against Shahbaz Sharif.1 min

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Social Media cell of Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of the disqualified PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is behind social media propaganda against the army, judiciary, and even the Punjab government including her uncle (father’s brother) Mian Shahbaz Sharif and her cousin Hamza Shahbaz, reports Roznama 92.

Last week, five members of the Maryam Nawaz’s social media cell were taken into custody from Lahore for running a mudslinging campaign against the Pakistan Army and judiciary. The ruling party is seemingly getting a taste of its own medicine as the controversial Cybercrime law devised to silence the criticism against PML-N is now being used against themselves.

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Last Friday, Anwar Adil Tanoli, another member of Maryam’s media cell was also taken into custody from Rawalpindi for allegedly posting incendiary, anti-judiciary and anti-army remarks on Twitter.

According to the media report, a member of the social media cell revealed during investigation that the same cell was responsible for launching a maligning campaign against the Chief Minister of Punjab and his son using different Facebook accounts giving fan to various issues like Ayesha Ahad scandal, Metro Multan, Nandi Pur project etc.

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One of the social media posts concerning the Model Town massacre called Shahbaz Sharif a murderer and that his son gave the orders. The cell was also active in running a campaign against Dr. Asim, Asif Ali Zardari, and Sindh government.

One of the most shocking revelation was that the social media cell used to feed news to various channels and used to guide various anchors of political shows to direct their guns towards the provincial instead of the federal government. It also provided relevant material and a direct line to Maryam Nawaz Sharif to help those media personnel attain their prescribed goal.

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Reportedly, soon after the news started to break about the involvement of Maryam’s social media cell in cybercrime (as described in the controversial Pakistani Cybercrime Law), Nawaz Sharif has directed an important Minister to close the social media accounts used for the social media propaganda and get rid of the testimony of the members arrested by FIA.

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