MasterCard new logo

The famous brands rarely change their logos but when they do, the change is noted worldwide. Today, a major brand is in the similar situation. A company that launched its services in 1966 as the Interbank Card Association (ICA) rebranded as Master Charge for 13 years and finally became Mastercard in 1979.

In 1990, the company changed its logo design making it brighter, and then modified it again in 1996. Now after 20 years, MasterCard has officially launched a new design of its logo. The logo still has the classic overlapping look, but the text looks a lot more decent and bright. The first letter in the logo is now in lower-case, and the upper-case “C” is also changed.

MasterCard Logo Design
Changes in MasterCard logo

Moreover, the new logo does not display the MasterCard name in the center of the company’s famous intersecting red and yellow circles. The name now appears next to the circles in a more digitalized font.

According to the sources, the reason behind changing the logo is to let the brand express the digital future. The company wants to show simplicity, connectivity, perfection and freshness through its new logo.

Change is also necessary. Like many modern financial institutions, Mastercard’s business is about more than credit cards. It’s also an online payment service, a digital wallet, and a technology company. So the branding has to reflect it, too.

Image Source: fastcodesign


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