UBL masterpass qr code activation ceremony

Mastercard and UBL have jointly introduced Masterpass – a new way of making the payment which is more reliable and easier at the same time.

On 14th of August, activation was held at Ocean Mall Karachi by Borgata Company, for their clients, UBL and MasterCard Pakistan.

This was the launch of Masterpass QR Code, for the first time in Pakistan with collaboration with UBL.

According to details, Masterpass QR is a new initiative for secure and instant transactions. Through UBL Omni application, customers now can scan a QR code at their preferred outlet for making payments, instead of using credit/debit card or cash.

The activation was interactive information based campaign to educate and assist customers, as to how they can avail Masterpass QR code facilities. UBL representatives were present at the activation booth to help customers open their UBL Omni accounts by following simple steps of CNIC and biometric verifications, followed by activation of their UBL Omni application and account through UBL Customer Service helpline.

UBL masterpass qr code activation ceremony

For getting the attention of customers, Mastercard Pakistan distributed iPhones for free through digitally monitored lucky draws. During this two days activity, nearly ten iPhones were distributed among people who had opened their UBL Omni Accounts and done successful minimal transactions through Masterpass QR Code.


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