Maths and Science for children made fun with Alif Ailaan’s project

Maths and science made easy for children with new books

Quality education is one of the biggest challenges Pakistan’s facing. There are a lot of small schools now in various districts but they serve no purpose as their standard of education is very poor. Following this bad situation Alif Ailaan, a campaign for providing quality education to all children has developed a book for children under a new project to teach them about maths.

On Friday, Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science’s Publication Volume-I: “How maths and science power nations” was launched to focus on subjects of Maths and Science. Shehzad Roy, in Geo’s program “aaj shahzaib khanzada ke saath” reveals the new book specially designed for children who cannot read and write yet. It tells a story whose main focus is to teach children about addition from an early age and making it fun at the same time.

The books provided to children in Pakistan rarely involve thought process as the system focuses on getting a child through an exam. This project under Alif Ailaan’s Maths and Science campaign aims to put the focus on the learning outcomes rather than the traditional system, where a child doesn’t understand the applications of the concepts.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while speaking at the launch of this project urged the nation to focus on science and mathematics as to regain the lost glory of Muslims. He said:

“The future of every nation is based on learning mathematics and sciences. Ancient civilizations relied on their knowledge, innovated and built cities that still are a source of marvel.”

The advancement in technology has introduced AI in education, but the core concepts need to be inculcated with the help of quality books. Good books can further the knowledge of the students at an early age and can help them with practical applications of the everyday concepts.

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