McDonald’s to introduce Mobile App to order meal before reaching Drive-Thru

McDonalds Ordering App

Hate to wait at drive- thru to get your favorite McDonald’s meal? Well, then there is good news for you as the fast food company has started testing its mobile ordering application.

Using this mobile app, customers can order their food prior to reaching McDonald’s. The app would track user’s location to ensure they’re picking up their order from the right restaurant. Looking at the customer’s location would also help the kitchen staff to prepare the meal in time.

The new mobile ordering application by McDonald’s will also give the customer a choice whether he/she wants to collect the food from the drive-thru, wants it served on the table or just want to grab it outside the store.

Reportedly, the company is testing the application in Washington and California ahead of launching it globally to all customers. Many fast food chains already use mobile ordering apps, but they all face a backlash in failing to provide a good customer experience.

The biggest challenge it could face is serving the food cold as it will defeat the purpose of technology. For quite some time people have been expecting the fast food company to join the race of mobile ordering application to which McDonald’s Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook recently responded: “It’s better to be right than to be first to market.”

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